Independent network for litter picking volunteers.

This platform attempts to unite all the litter picking initiatives in Belgium, The Netherlands and France. Sign up your initiative, this way we can create a strong signal towards local and international  governments.

There are many initiatives who are voluntarily committed in the fight against litter. Notice that picking up litter only takes away the symptoms of this problem.

Without keeping track of statistics and analysing what’s been found we can not tackle the source of the litter. The main goal should NOT be only to engage citizens in cleaning up the environment without any perspective whilst other main actors in this story outrun responsibility.

Occasionally data gathered by several instances are published with the most various methods of measurement but seldom the experience of the real experts – the volunteers – are taken into account, .

The expertise that is created from this huge citizen scientific network shall be the guideline for policy recommendation. Zwerfuil.NET is citizen science and citizen participation at its best.

We measure by litter picking -> by litter picking we create awareness. We expose the weaknesses and make an attempt to eliminate all source of litter.


These organizations are part of this network: